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Who We Are? 

ExploringMekong ( Mekongphototours.com ) is a travel agent based in Rach Gia City, Kien Giang Province The first and only travel agent in Mekong Delta provides mekong photo tours for enthusiatic and professional photographers at the
moment – established in early 2010. Since then, we associate with professional photographers around the Mekong Delta vietnam. So if you are looking for a travel agent in Rach Gia City, Kien Giang Province, Don’t hesitate to contact us.

In 2011 we offer Rach Gia homestay for budget travelers and you can save a lot of money when using our service.

in 2012 Our webiste was introduced and we offer travelers to buy Phu Quoc ferry tickets online through our webiste and Mekong Car Rental Services. In the end of the year, we also provide wedding photo tours for couples who want to have their wedding photos captured in Vietnam. You can also book a photoshoot through our webiste.

in 2013 we moved our website to another platform and we are planning to open a photo gallery that collects the best photographs of our photographers and sell them on our webiste.

Why Us?

We encourage you to aks yourself what you are looking for when joining a photo tour and is that travel agent qualified or good enough for you. As you may know there are some travel agents also offer photo tours but the question is: Are they also professional photographers? Most of them are just tour guides. If they are not photographers, chances are that they don’t know what a photographer is looking when joining a photo tour.

For those reasons, we believe that we are the best travel agent that offer photo tours at the moment. If you are looking for photo tours in Mekong Delta, Vietnam, look no further.

Having said that have we associated with professional photographers around the Mekong Delta, we know exaclty where you want to go and what you want to see. We can stop wherever you want and whenever you want to help you photograph the scenes on the way. Time and locations are in your hands and we make your you will enjoy every minute of it.

You may know people who have travelled around Vietnam and told you about what they have seen Vietnam, but did they really see the real Vietnam? We have been working in the business for years and have discovered every corner of the Mekong Delta so we can help you to get the most out of the Mekong Delta.

Private Guides and Customized Tours Put You in Control: Discerning travelers today don’t want to be constrained by a group of strangers or set itineraries. At Exploring Mekong Travel Agent, every adventure is private, flexible and customized to your exact needs — start and end your vacation whenever you want, make any itinerary changes you need. With your own private car, driver and skilled local guide, you are always in control.

Unmatched Value: Compare and see: Our private tours are on average 30% less expensive than group tours with other quality travel companies. We can offer such great value because we leverage new technology to enable our sales and in-country teams to communicate and work more efficiently.

Experienced, Local Guides and 24/7 Support: Experienced local guides, together with our on-the-ground team, give you the personal, expert and 24/7 attention to make your trip, the trip of a lifetime.

An experienced tour guide can help you to plan for your trips, give you more time to enjoy the great rides and absorb the local cultures.

We allow you to customize your trip to help you get the most out of the Mekong Delta.

We are flexible and can work with your budget.
* All the photos on our webiste are copyrighted by our photographers.



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