In our previous article, we have a brief talk about Cambodian Pagodas in Chau Doc City. In this article, we would like to introduce travelers and photographers to our editor’s favorite Pagoda in Chau Doc City. In this article, we would like to introduce you to Muong Re Temple and the monks life there.

Muong Re is a comabodian Temple that located about 40km away from Chau Doc City. It’s an old temple and close to Ba Truc district (we will talk about this district in another article). There is gravel road that leads to the Muong Re temple. Along with the road there are many century-old-trees that give shade for children nearby to play and become their playground in this neighborhood. Looking both side – left and right – you will see paddy fields that belong to Cambodian citizens here and some are belong to the temple. On the way to get to Muong Re temple there is a water apple garden.

I would like to point out a bit to explain about young monks life here in the temple. Firstly as cambodian culture, young boy must attend to learn buddhism in a nearby temple for at least 2 months. After graduation, they will be treated as young adults and fully responsible for society like any other adults. Secondly Cambodian monks follow another branch of Buddhism.

Everymorning young monks leave the temple and walk the street for Alms-Giving – Wearing orange garments and yellow umbrellas in their hands. People who live along the street will wait for the monks in their front yard and give them gifts of food, and in return, the monks give them a blessing. One more thing to notice that Cambodian monks are not vegeterians. According to their philosophy, they must not be too picky on food. They must take whatever people offer, and should not request anything too specific like food.

Muong Re is one of the most beautiful Cambodian Temple in Chau Doc City. Every morning when the yong monks leave the temple, they walk in line from the temple into the gravel road surrounded by hundred-year-old-tree make this screne worth shooting.

Visitors should also get around the Temple, there are some young monks eager to practice their English skills. Some monks can speak English.

We would like to list this Temple as one of the most beautiful temple in this region and as well as in the entire Mekong Delta. If you are interested in Photography or professional photographers, you should visit Muong Re temple, and don’t forget to ask local photographers before going there.

How to get to Muong Re Temple: It is far away from Chau Doc City, you should take a bus to Tri Ton and ask local people the way to get there. You can also rent a motorbike and use google maps to locate the temple.

What time to visit: You should visit this temple in the early morning. It’s the most beautiful time to visit Muong Re Temple.

If you have any questions about Muong Re Temple, please let us know. We would like to help.

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Beautiful Cambodian Temples in Chau Doc

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