If you like street photography and interested in shooting people daily life, you should visit Mekong Delta – Vietnam. There are many beautiful destinations for you to shoot and there are many activities that related to people daily life. If you love to shoot life a long rivers, come to Mekong Delta and take a boat to get around the Mekong Delta, you will see anything you like there. What about Lotus and water lilies ? Best places to visit to shoot those flowers? Mekong Delta – Of course. Mekong Delta is the best place to shoot water lilies.

I just visited my friend who lives in Chau Doc – An Giang Province about a month ago. There is a 1km long water lily pond there. It’s a longest water lily pond I have ever seen in Mekong Delta as well as in Vietnam. It’s very close to the street but blocked by the houses in front of it.

There are some owners there who farm water lilies and harvest them in the early morning – as early as 5AM and work up to 7 -9 AM. It’s also the best time to shoot water lilies because in the early morning the flowers will bloom at its widest range. During afternoon due to hard sun light, water lily flower will close it pedals and with that hard sun light, it’s not good for photography also.

The water lily pond is good to shoot all year around, all seasons, because the farmers there grow water lilies all year round. They harvest water lilies every single morning and sell them for resellers for just 10.000VND per pack before being delivered to markets. So it’s good to shoot all year round.

Best time to shoot: in the early morning during sunrise.

Transportation: We will use a boat to get to the other side of the pond where there are best angles there. Or we can use the boat to shoot with the farmers there as she harvesting water lilies on her own boat. I have a photo that was choosen as Daily dozen on National Photographic here. You can check it out:


How to shoot: join us and we will arrange everything for you – including: car rental, meals, hotel rooms, boat rental.

We provide Mekong Photo Tours for enthusias and professional photographers.

If you have any questions about Mekong Photo Tours or about this water lily pond in Mekong Delta, please contact us.

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best place to shoot water lilies
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