We have received a lot emails asking what is the best time to visit Chau Doc – Mekong Delta – Vietnam. So in this article we will answer your questions as well as where and what to see during your Mekong Tour to Chau Doc. Chau Doc is well-known to many travelers and many photographers in Vietnam by its culture diversity. We have been touring with our customers for years, both normal travelers and professional photographers who joined our Mekong Photo Tours, and they love Chau Doc for that reason.

If you visit Chau Doc, you will regconize that there are 4 ethnic groups live there: Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, and Cham people who practice muslim. so there are too many beautiful destinations to visit in Chau Doc. Some are very famous to visitor like: floating village where local people farming fish under their floating houses, Tra Su forest which attract not only local people but also photographers around the world. But there are still too many hidden destinations that your travel agent may not able to get you there or beyonce their knowledge.

For example, Tapa hill is a very beautiful destination and usually overlooked by normal travelers or travel agent. When touring with our customers, both normal Mekong Tours and Mekong Photo Tours, we always take our time to Visit Tapa hill.

Back to the question What is the best time to visit Mekong Delta, especially Chau Doc?  The best time is during flooding season which start about around middle of August (Vietnamese Calender – about september) to late september (late October).

Mekong tour

If you are a photographer and interested in joining a Mekong Photo Tour, you should not miss this place:


Mekong Tour

Mekong Tour


As part of our Mekong Photo Tours, this cambodian pagoda is remarkable:


Mekong tour

Early morning in Chau Doc.

Mekong tour

With our customers waiting for sunset during our Mekong Tour:


Mekong tour

Unlike other regions which are usually scare of flooding seasons, In Chau Doc, local people expect flooding seasons beacause it’s the best fishing season there and local fishermen can make a better living just by fishing. It’s also the best season for photographer to visit Chau Doc. You will able to see many kind of fishing activities there. But usually many travel agents won’t tour their customers there.

Tra Su forest is a well-known and must see destination in Chau Doc

Chau Doc floating village:

So if you are photographers or just interested in photography and want to take photos of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, you can join our Mekong photo Tours. Or if you just wanna see the real Mekong Delta, we can help you to organize your Mekong Trip.

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Best time to visit Chau Doc – Mekong Delta
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