One of the most interesting thing to do when travelling to Vietnam is to take photographs. There are many nice places you will go to visit, such as: Nha Trang, Da lat, Phan Thiet… You will want to capture all of those beautiful places, but you may be wondereing which camera should you buy before travelling to Vietnam. Which branch should you buy, how could you pick the right one… So I write this tips to help you pick the right camera for your trip:


1.  It doesn’t matter which branch is better than other. You can pick any branch, such as: Sony, Nikon, Canon, or Olympus. The point is you just want to pick the good one you can afford. Since you’re planning to travel where there are other possible costs to incur, you need to consider how much you can spend for a camera

2. Choose a camera with zoom lens from wide to tele, and as wide as posible at least 24mm wide lens, you can take photo indoor to outdoor. Almost compact cameras are from 24mm or wider.

3. Get to know the features you like. A lot of people fall into the idea that the newest cameras are the best ones: they’re technological, produce premier-quality photos, and gorgeous. But do you really need all the features? There’s a good chance you don’t, yet you end up spending a fortune.

Don’t mind about the long list of camera features. Focus on what you really want.

4. As you know that you will travel many places from north to south, to Mekong Delta and you also enjoy some water activities when you are at a beautiful beach. So look for a waterproof camera to make sure that you can take photo any places and stop worrying about carrying a weather seal backpack. And It’s really good idea when travelling to Vietnam, a tropic country with two main seasons dry and wet.

5. Also find a small tripod so you can take photos of yourself when travelling alone; It’s easy to find the seft-timer on your camera.

6. Choose a camera with excellent aftercare support. No matter how powerful and new your camera is, it’s always susceptible to damage. It may just stop functioning. You cannot allow it to destroy what you’ve planned for your holiday.
Choose a camera from a reputable and world-recognized company. This way, you won’t have trouble asking for technical support. In fact, there’s a possibility there’s a repair center within your area. You can have your camera fixed for no charge immediately.

7. Buy two pin batteries, memory cards for backing – up because you will be moving a lot and you will use your camera all day long, so you need to have pins and memory cards for backup then you don’t have to miss anything on your way travelling.

One last thing I want to tell you that hope you have a nice trip and happy shooting.

How to buy the right camera for your vacation to Vietnam
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