You may already heard a lot about the floating markets in Can Tho; Cai Rang floating market and Phong Dien floating market. But you may not hear about Nga Nam floating market which located 50km away from Bac Lieu Center and Soc Trang Province. So you may have a question that should I visit Cai Rang floating markets or Nga Nam floating market and what are the differences between Cai Rang floating market and Nga Nam floating market. and you have no idea whether to visit Cai Rang floating market or Nga Nam floating market. I’m gonna explain how they are different and you can make your choice just by reading this article.

Cai Rang is located in Can Tho City where you see so many tourists there, but opposite to Cai Rang, Nga Nam floating market has no tourist at the moment. It’s quite new to tourists and way too far. Cai Rang floating market are full of tourists these days and as many other floating markets, It started a day in the early morning with many big boats and few sampans. They sell things mostly for tourists and to take a boat tour to explore the market is way too high compare to Nga Nam floating market. Nga Nam floating market mainly sell their products for local people and not many big boats there, almost are sampans and small boats.

Then you may have the idea which one you should see. If you wanna see a floating market with no tourist and still developing then head to Nga Nam floating market. If you start in Ho Chi Minh City, take a direct boats to Soc Trang or Bac Lieu; Either way are fine. By the way, It’s also good for budget travel and backpackers because hotels here are cheap. You can find a clean hotel with built-in toilet and air-con for about 5-10$ /day.

You can see how Nga nam market looks like by checking out our youtube channel.

If you want to see a developed floating markets with full of tourists, head to Can Tho and stay somewhere as near the market as possible. I suggest you to stay somewhere around Ninh Kieu District. So you just walk to the dock in the early morning. But there is problem for backpackers that hotels here are expensive these days.

Hope you have a nice trip. Contact us if you have any questions.

Cai Rang floating market or Nga Nam floating market
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