A few days ago I read an article on newyork times which said that Cham people in central Vietnam are muslism which is not true and misinformation. The author must has been confused them with another group, who are muslims, in Mekong Delta.
Cham ethinic minority in central Vietnam practice hunduism in which they worship Shiva. It once a great independent kingdom that stretched from Gianh River, in central vietnam, and covered almost south Vietnam. Their ruin towers are scattered from central Vietnam down to Binh Thuan Province. If you are going to visit Hoi An, take your time to visit My Son ruins which is regconized as world herritage. This kingdom flourished during 10th century and later on reached its pinnacle a few centuries later.
There is also a well-known arranged marriage between Vietnamese Princess, Huyen Tran Cong Chua, and Cham king that undermined their stability.
There are some beautiful towers in Binh Thuan that still remain intact, and some artifacts are showcased in close by museums. Most Cham people still remain in this region, some may be influenced by vietnamese, but they try to maintain their own language and religion. Cham women wear long colorful dresses, and with a long veil on their head, and Cham men wear white turbans.
In the photo 3 Cham women crossing a big sand dune in Binh Thuan province.
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Cham People in Central Vietnam

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