As professional photographers who provide vietnam photo tours and Mekong photo Tours for photographers around the world, our mission is to find new destinations for our customers. We also try to give our customers award winning photos so they will satisfy with our services. That why we always visit new places to find new photogenic destinations in Mekong Delta and other parts of Vietnam for our customers benefits. In this article, we would like to introduce you to Cham Village – Chau Doc City.

First of all, you must know that there are many Cham villages in Chau Doc City. Some are exposed to tourists and some are hidden. I have visited some Cham Villages that popular for tourists and there is nothing to shoot there because the cham people there already get used to tourists and learn how to do business. If you get to a destination like that, you will encounter some children follow your foot steps insist you to buy something that they sell. Into the village, there are full of tourists, tour guide speaking repeatedly the same information about the village like village history and flooding seasons. So the question is where is the best village for photography?

Other villages, except the ones for tourists, of course. But there are some some villages that are very close to Vietnam frontier where it shares border with Cambodia. It’s difficult to find a place to shoot. You must obtain permission to village the villages. My suggestion is to travel with a local photographer so he knows how to deal with this problem or how to obtain permission for foreigners to visit these villages.

As the cham people here are muslims, they have very beautiful dress and clothes. They still remain they culture and speak their own language. Some people speak Vietnamese. The most beautiful activity to shoot in these villages is potrait and their daily life. Just follow them to some Cham class, you will find beautiful activities to shoot. Sometimes they celebrate some traditional holidays. You must always check with local photographers to get newest updates.

Having said above that some villages are hidden from tourists, we can not give you a direction to get to the village. If you wish to visit the village for tourist, just go to Chau Doc market and take a boat there, they will take you to the village with no hassle at all.

Cham village is one of our top destinations in Mekong Delta for photographers around the world. If you like to visit those village, join us. If you have any questions, please let us know. We are here to help.

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Cham village – great destination for photographers

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