In this article, I’m trying to cover somethings that you needs to before buying a camera for travel. This article is for someone who likes photography but not professional photographers. so forget about DSLR camera. We mainly focus on some specifications that it needs for your trips.

1/ Your budget: the most important thing when considering to buy a new camera is your budget. How much are you willing to pay for your camera. Digital cameras are cheap and affordable nowadays. So the more you pay, the more comfortable camera is. Don’t be confused between too many brands. even cheap ditigal cameras offer you built-in panorama mode, HDR mode, or face dection. So you don’t need to be technical to do the work.


2/ focal length and performance: As you are traveling, you may want to capture anything, from a flower to landscape. So ideally you should buy a camera which has a lens as wide as it can. Usually 24mm at wide is good enough, but some cameras even offer 20 or 18mm. It’s about wide range for your lens. You also need your lens long enough to reach some subject that you can’t reach.

3/ Weather seal : If you are going to a tropical country, you may enjoy a lot water activities. So buy a weather seal camera if you can. You may want to take your camera to a like, a beach or a pond or even on aboat.

4/ and finally, learn some techniques before traveling. It helps you get some beautiful not your camera. Choosing a camera for travel is easy, but learning how to take a good photo is difficult. Have fun traveling and photographing.

Exploring Mekong.

how to choose a camera for your trip
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