Co Thach  Beach – Best destination for seascape in Vietnam

Co Thach is a new destination for photographer in Vietnam recently. It famous for its thousand-years- stones covered in green seaweed. Co Thach is part of Tuy Phong District – Binh Thuan Province. Co Thach is not far from Mui Ne – Only about 1 hour drive.

The rocky beach may not be good for swimming but it is one of the best destinations for seascape and landscape in Vietnam. There are also some fishing activities there which is very photogenic and if you are photographers, you must love this destinations.

Co Thach Beach is well-known by local people by its famous temple – Co Thach Temple. It is a great destination for pilgrims but a few years ago. Some local photographers accidentally found this place and since then there are many photographers around Vietnam and from other countries have visited Co Thach to shoot landscape and seascape photography.

Co Thach Beach is beautiful for its ancient rocks and stones with unique shapes laying at the beach. They are not be covered in green seaweed all year round – usually just 3 or 4 months. If you want to see those green seaweeds covered on Co Thach Rocks, you must check with local photographers first. You must also check weather with local photographers before visit Co Thach because it’s not good during rainy seasons.

You can shoot seascape in the early morning and afternoon during sunrise at Co Thach Beach. If you like to shoot local people life, just get along the coast in the early morning, you will see many fishing activities. There are some people go catching baby lobsters and some people use fishing net to catch fish on shore. From Co Thach Resort, you just go a little bit more, you will see Binh Thanh fishing village. It is one of the most beautiful fishing village in Vietnam. They are very busy from 6 to 9 AM because local fishermen use the fishing dock to transport fish from their boats into fish markets.

For all the reasons above, we choose Co Thach as one of the most beautiful destinations for seascape and landscape photography in Vietnam. If you are photographers and like to shoot seascape in Vietnam, you must take your time to visit Co Thach Beach.

How to get there:

  • If you are in Sai Gon, Take a bus to Mui Ne and from there you can get to Phan Ri Cua then head to Ganh Son. From Ganh Son, you can take a taxi to get to Co Thach Beach.

Where to Stay at Co Thach Beach :

  • there are many cheap hotels and guest houses in Co Thach. You can stay anywhere you like.
  • If you want to enjoy your trip a little bit more, you can stay at Co Thach Resort. It’s beautiful view from there. The owner built some bungalows for visitors who love photography.

What to eat in Co Thach Beach :

  • You can eat anything you like.
  • try some seafoods there.
  • If you stay at Co Thach resort with your friends, ask the owner to cook for you.

We are on our way, our mission, to search for new beautiful destinations in Vietnam for you. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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Co Thach Beach – Best destination for seascape photography in Vietnam