Rach Gia Tours : Cycling around Rach Gia City – Mekong Delta – Vietnam

Rach Gia Tours : Cycling around Rach Gia City – Mekong Delta – Vietnam

I have been operating Mekong Motorbike Tours since 2010. But only began to offer bicycle tours last year when I first met Mr. Peter when He join me a day trip to explore Rach Gia City. Exploring Rach Gia City with a bicycle gave me a new experience and different perspective. It slow but fun and very pleasant watching local life in suburban areas which I would not able to see if I traveled with a motorbike.

Mr Peter enjoyed taking photographs of this beautiful area.

The first day, I wanted to go slow and reserve my strength for the next destination tomorrow which is much far away and time consuming. So I do the following route :

  • Visiting Rach Gia Bird Garden – This is about 20km and vice versa : totally 40km
  • and then head back and visit Rach Gia Pineapple gardens to see the garderns, fishing boat construction site, local women mending fishing nets. (totally about 30km).

To get there, I chose a small lush path that follows along a small river to see the real local life. In front of each house, local people farm many kind of tropical fruits such as: Jack fruit, banana, water apple, and many more.. 

That path is small enough for 2 motorbikes crossing each other but not accessible for any car. The air is so fresh and the farther I got there, the more immaculate the village is. Local people farm fruits, vegetable in the front yards and rice fields in the backyards. Street vendors halking around the village by big and small motorized boats and they sell everything from flowers to pork and fish.

And finally, I got to Rach Gia Bird Garden. It’s run by a family own business and doesn’t require visitors to buy entrance fee to access the garden. But you can support them by buying baverage there. The garden is home to thousands of egrets and other type of birds. There are some giant beehives dangling on the middle of the tree branches.

Peter and I were the sole visitors in that morning.

It’s one of my favorite spot in Rach Gia City that I usually lead my customers to visit. We walked around the garden and watched birds for awhile then head back to the city. After that, we begin our trip in the afternoon to explore Rach Gia Pineapple gardens.

Once again, I chose a small path just like one in the morning. Crossing through some local markets, some rice fields and then follow the familiar path that follows a small river that coconut trees lined along the river bank. there are some fishing boat construction sites along the way by the river. There are some local people mending fishing nets in their house. I stopped a few time for Peter taking some photographs.

After awhile, we finally arrived Rach Gia Pineapple gardens. The gardens are enormous and It would take you a whole day to walk around. Peter enjoyed walking around there and after that, we tried some pineapple. Take some rest and back to town.

Check out this video to see how it is:


The second day we traveled to Rach Gia Clay village to see local people making clay stoves there. This route took about 80km to get there and back to the city (40km x 2). We pedaled through some small villages on the outskirts of Rach Gia City. Followed the coast and at some point, we traveled on unpaved road and clay road. The passed by a water lily pond and again found ourself crossing some rice fields again. The air was fresh and local farmers were plowing their field perapring for a new crop season. Some local people so excited to greet us. After that, we had to take a rickety ferry, crammed with other commuters, crossing a small river to get to the clay village.

We got there around 9AM. Local people were busy working but very friendly and always greeted us with a smile on their face.

Some clay stoves were done and being laid out there under sunlight for a few days to dry and then burn for a few more days.

The whole village making a living by making those clay stoves. It’s very photogenic and one of the most beautiful destinations in Rach Gia City that visitors should visit when travel to the Mekong Delta. If you have less time, join Rach Gia motorbike Tours. If you have more time to enjoy the place, join a Rach Gia Bike Tour.

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