Da lat Strawberry Gardens.

Da Lat is famous for its cool weather and its unique architecture. Da Lat was once vacation home of the french colony during Vietnam war. That is why there are many building there have a great impact by french architecture. Da Lat also has many beautiful screnes and nice things to offer to visitors. Da Lat also know as the city of flowers, and of course people dont call that for nothing, due to its beautiful and cool weather all year round, farmers there cam grow many beautiful kind of flowers which can not be farmed in a tropical weather like Mekong Delta. Not only that, Da Lat also has big terrace vegetable fields that can supply vegetables to the rest of Da Lat City and distribute to big city like Sai Gon and Da Lat vegetable even gets to supermarkets in Mekong Delta.

Da Lat is also a beautiful destination to see strawberry gardens. There are many strawberry gardens in Da Lat. Some strawberry gardens are farm at ground level and some are farm inside greenhouses. Da Lat strawberry gardens have been a popular destination for tourists recently.  Some gardens open to sell tickets for tourists to visit. They also have some shops where they sell products that made from strawberry like: strawberry juice, strawberry wine, strawberry jelly and more..

If you join a travel agent to explore Da Lat, your agent will take you there exploring Da Lat strawberry gardens and you can even try some strawberries and strawberry products. If you travel alone, you can spot those gardens easily on some main roads or you can just visit Da Lat flower garden, you can also see strawberry gardens there.

It costs about 25000VND to 30.000VND to visit a strawberry garden in Da Lat. It’s just entrance fee. If you want to buy strawberry products, it will cost seperately.

Da Lat strawberry gardens is also a good destination for photography – especially close-up photography. You can shoot those fruits and sell your photos to stock photo markets online.

Recently many japanese companies and individual come to Da Lat hiring some lands there to produce fresh vegetables in Da Lat and export them back to Japan later.

Da Lat is one of my favorite destinations for photography because there are many beautiful spots to shoot as well as many beautiful activities to shoot. If you are planning to visit Da Lat, take your time to explore Da Lat strawberry gardens.

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Da lat strawberry gardens