Drone Pilot – Can you bring a drone into Vietnam

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I get asked this questions a lot; personally, email, and whatsapp. So I will take my time to write this article hoping to answer it as clear as possible for those who plan to bring their drones into Vietnam during their vacation time here.

Can you Bring a Drone into Vietnam internationally? Yes, If you arrive at Tan Son Nhat international airport and Noi Bai airport. That would be no problem at all. My customers who join my Vietnam Photo Tours brough his drone into Vietnam multiple times when he traveled with me.

Can you Bring your drone flying around Vietnam domestically ? Yes, No problem. I do that thousand of times.

What if you are going to arrive at Da Nang airport? Can you get your drone through Da Nang international airport?

There is rumor that drones will be seized at Da Nang international Airport but I have not personally experienced that or neither have my customers, so I may not have a clear answer in this case. But I do meet some westerners who flew their drone in Da Nang. I’m not assuming that he could get through.

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If you have other questions, please let me know.

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