Drone Pilot – Do you need Drone permit to fly a drone in Vietnam

As a professional Drone Pilot in Vietnam who has been working with many film companies and directors. I often get this question from friends and other drone pilots from overseas.

Simple answer is Yes. You will need drone permit in order to fly a drone in Vietnam. If not, your drone may be confiscated.

But my opinion is that there are some particular area that you can fly your drone without Drone Permits. Such as: Hoi An ancient town, Ninh Binh.

Why? Because It’s tourist spots and the local authority there want to give you a chance to capture the beauty of the location.

If you are just flying around at your beach resort and photograph your family, etc. you can skip the drone permit part.

Of course that is apply for the small size drone. Do not fly in the city whatsoever. Some city such as Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh has strict restriction and your drone can be shot down.

Hope this answer help you get a clear picture. If you have any other questions about drone permit in Vietnam, let me know.

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