Vietnam Photo Tours – Duck herding in Rach Gia City

Vietnam Photo Tours – Duck herding in Rach Gia City – Mekong Attractions

Duck herding is a very popular and umbiquitous in the mekong delta, especially in Rach Gia City. It’s very interesting and photogenic if you are a photographer or just an adventurous traveler who eager to see new things and new places. Even though it’s popular, it’s not easy for visitors to watch them because duck herding in Rach Gia City normally takes place in remote areas. To see duck herding in the mekong delta, you must get to a remote area, usually where rice fields are planted and along a small river so the herders will get the duck back and forth easier.

As a photographer who has spent more than a decade taking photos in the mekong delta. I think it’s a very interesting activity to shoot. It deserves your visit and one of Rach Gia City’s top destinations. If you are going to visit the mekong delta, don’t forget to take your chance to shoot it. I think this is the real Vietnam that every visitors should see.

In the mekong delta, farmers have to follow a 3 crop a year policy. It’s important to food supply in the country and national economy. ietnam is one of world’s richest agricultural regions and is the second-largest (after Thailand) exporter worldwide and the world’s seventh-largest consumer of rice.
After harvest, there are rices will be left on the fields and will be filled with water. After that, some local farmers, who farm ducks, will get their ducks around the region and pay for a certain amount of money in order to let their ducks getting around those fields, roaming freely and eating the left-over rices there. The ducks will be herded there from around 6 AM and back at 3:30 to 4:30PM. Each family will normally herds about 2000-3000 ducks. It’s more than 30.000 ducks being herded in Rach Gia City alone.

If you are looking for Mekong photo tours or Rach Gia Photo Tours, you can join me to shoot this beautiful activity.

Thanks and hope you enjoy this.

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