I – First step first:

  • Check availability with us first. Give us your travel dates. Answer these questions: When are you going to Vietnam? How many days will you be joining us?
  • Contact us, give us as much information as you can like : What is your goal, what you want to shoot? What activities you want to shoot..

II- Wait for our responses:

  • You will hear from us within 2 hours (mostly much faster).
  • We will give you a brief itinerary
  • we will give you a quotation for your trip.

III – Complete your booking:

  • We will ask you to deposit  a certain amount of money to us. usually from 20-50%. We don’t need you to fully pay. We use the money to deposit for car rental service, hotel rooms, .. etc. We have to do that to secure your booking that mean we don’t accept other bookings during your travel date.
  • We usually ask you to deposit, at least, 4 weeks before your trip (before your arrival). It means we need you to deposit in advance because car rental service and other services also ask us to do the same (deposit in advance) so they will reserve car, rooms for us.
  • After receiving your deposit, we will send you a confirmation email to let you know that your booking is completed.
  • If we don’t receive your deposit, your booking is not completed.