In this article, we will learn about fish farming in Mekong Delta in general and specifically we will focus more on an interesting kind of fish farming in Mekong Delta. That is farming fish under floating houses in Mekong Delta – Vietnam.

This kind of fish farming is not only practiced widely in Mekong Delta but also in Some other provinces like Dong Nai, NamKa.. but to see and understand how fish farming in Mekong Delta, you must visit Chau Doc floating village. Laying on Hau River which have direct access into Mekong Delta and where Mekong Delta flows into. Chau Doc is a place that home to mega fish. If you have read news about Mega fish that found in Mekong Delta, you may notice that most of them are from An Giang Province.

Having said that Hau River is a branch of Mekong River, there are abundant in fish in this region, especially during flooding season. Flooding seasons usually begin at first September and end within 1 and a half month or more. When flooding season comes, water flows from upper Mekong down and through Cambodia into Chau Doc – Vietnam. Along with the water there are alluvium and abundant in fish flow into Chau Doc. During that time, there are many fishing activities happen in this region.

The local people in this region learnt to store fish to use later. They learnt to make dried fish and more. After that, they learnt how to farm those fish so they can harvest later during other seasons.

About 30 years ago, a man in Chau Doc learnt to make floating house on the Mekong River (Hau River) and also learnt how to farm fish underneath of his floating house. He use fish net to cover underneath of the house and put fish inside. After the first farming season with a good result, many people from that region came to him to learn how to farm fish inside their floating house. Gradually more and more floating houses were built each year.

Nowadays, fish farming is a big business in this region and it contribute to about 30% of total Vietnam fish export to USA and European countries. Many people became rich just by buying and exporting fish. Some built big factory to produce fish with hundred employees and they can even afford to buy a million dollars – car just to drive around the Mekong Delta.

Chau Doc floating village is well-know nowadays and floating village is one of the most popular destinations of City. Visitors can take a boat tour to visit those floating houses and the owner will give you a chance to feed those fish to see how fish farming in floating houses is. It is also a good destinations for photographers to explore because there are many activities to shoot along the village.

How to get to Chau Doc fish farming village:

  • you must get to Chau Doc first and then head to Chau Doc market. From there, there are people greeting and asking if you want to join a boat tour to explore Chau Doc floating village.
  • It costs about 200.000vnd for a boat tour to explore this village and Cham village.

Hope you have a nice trip in Vietnam.

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