Fixer in Vietnam – Children in Dong Van

As a Fixer in Vietnam, I went to Dong Van with my clients for a few days filming the mountain tribe in Dong Van district. 

Fixer in Vietnam
Film Fixer in Vietnam –

Dong Van is a beautiful district and quite different than Hoang Su Phi even though they are located in the same province. If visitors visit Hoang Su Phi for the golden rice terraces during harvest seasons, Dong Van is a place to see plum and peach flowers during blooming season. And Dong Van is also way too far away from Ha Noi. It could take you up to 10 -12 hours to arrive Dong Van from Ha Noi.

And as an old saying “Difficult roads often lead you to beautiful locations. ” It’s true in this case and it’s worth your time traveling such a long trip to Dong Van.

Dong Van has many things to offers visitors but one of the thing that got my attention was the tribal children. Most of them are H’mong (Miao) and they are friendly to visitors. Each kid often carries a bag full of flowers around town and will let the tourists rent them for photography.

In other villages, tourists will notice that they will most likely climbing trees, rocks and on the rocky fences talking to each other or play around under the tree.

My job this time, as a Fixer in Vietnam, was to help my customers to film their daily life activities. We stay there with them for a few days and filmed them from sunup to sundown. 

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