Fixer in Vietnam – Filming in Sapa

Sapa is a beautiful town located approximately 300km away from Ha Noi and belongs to Northwest Higland region. It’s well-known location to tourists and photographers in Vietnam. It used to be a vacation home of the French rulers in the past. 

Sapa not only has beautiful sceneries but also very diverse in culture and minority ethnic groups. Photographers come here for cherry flowers during spring and the famous lake during winter. Hikers come here to explore and trek the Fansifang mountain. As a Film Fixer in Vietnam, I often travel to Sapa with my clients to film and photograph during planting season, harvesting, and spring season to film flowers and more. 

There are some beautiful minority groups in Sapa, such as: Flower Hmong, Black Hmong, Lu, Dao, Red Dao.. 

During planting season, the whole town will be busy, especially the farmers. During that time, photographers come here to photograph the planting and the reflection of water on the rice terraces. 

So this time, I traveled there with my clients to film the lake, and cherry flowers. It quite cold at some point. At night the temperature dropped down to -1 degree celcius. 

That Morning the weather was quite calm and no wind at all which created perfect environment for us to film the lake.

Film Fixer in Vietnam –
Film Fixer in Vietnam –

We also took our chance to visit my Red Dao friend to film her family. The Red People normally live on mountains top. We had to travel through winding road after winding road to get to her village. The family were gathering by the fire to fight the cold. 

Film Fixer in Vietnam –

The Red Dao people are good at knitting and handcrafting. They make beautiful handcraft and embroidery products to sell for tourists making a living. They costumes are colorful and beautiful. They have beautiful wedding ceremony and culture and they speak their own language also. 

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If you have any questions, please let me know. 

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