Fixer in Vietnam – Filming Trinh Nu Cave

Fixer in Vietnam – Filming Trinh Nu Cave

This was a filming project that I did for my clients from Thailand. The clients wanted to film and photograph this beautiful and natural cave which located on Ha Long Bay.

Unlike other caves which flooded by tourists. This Trinh Nu Cave, virgin Cave in English, its not a designated tourist spot and most of the boats here just get you here and won’t let you to get on the beach but you can only see it from far away. But to do that, I won’t be able to film and photograph the cave inside. So as a Fixer in Vietnam, I tried hard to find a solution and finally I was able to get on the island to finish the job for my clients.

It’s not easy though but it’s worth the efforts. The cave is natural and there was no tourists there. I was all alone by myself. The entrance is quite big and when you get in there and look back, you will see the beach at the entrance. Keep following, you will see a hidden white sandy beach from the other side which is amazing and very beautiful if you have a chance to be there with your loved ones or even alone there all day.

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Inside of the cave is not as beautiful as the other big caves such as Sung Sot or Thien Cung. But because of it’s diversity of echosystem. It offers amazing space and can enjoy swimming there.

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