Traveling in big cities like Sai Gon or Ha Noi, we will be dealing with traffic jam during rush hours. But travel to a remote area we usually get lost because we just don’t go to tourist spots. But traveling to a remote area in Vietnam is no easy due to lack of direction signs. Some destinations don’t even appear on Google Maps, like this beautiful coastal City.
This beautiful beach nestles right behind a fishing village just about 500m away from the main road. When I first got there, we needed to ask local people for direction. And it’s very intesting to ask direction in this area, because local people here a so kind and friendly, whenever our car approached to a sidewalk, there would be someone approached us to give directions.There is another interesting fact is that local people here are confusing between left side and right side. So if they tell you to turn left but they hand gesture point to the right side, you must follow their body language. Otherwise, you are going to get lost.
As this village has not developted for tourists, everything here is quite cheap, especially seafood. You can get 2 pounds of sea crab for just 3$. Hotels here are priceable, everyone can afford to stay at the finest hotel in this region. I like it a lots sitting alone in the hotel’s courtyard, ordering a glass of smothie, any kind of smothie, from the next door coffe shop, and stay there all by myself. You may find that weird, but sometimes, I enjoy being alone.
Getting to the beach in the early morning to wait for sunrise is fun, too. Local people here have a healthy lifestyle. I got there at 5am thinking that I would be the only one at the beach, but I’m not. Local people flocked here to do morning excersie, some like swimming, some like walking.
I was standing on moss-covered rocks. It was slippery though. I stood there for about 2 hours and jumping from one side to the other, and at some point, I fell in the water, but stayed there still my pants partly dried. After this trip, I had to threw my brand-new loafers away.
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Ganh Son – A beautiful destination for photographers

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