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We already have an article named: Nam Du Travel Guide which we sell for just 3$ with fully support. But we still think that we can give you all the information about Nam Du island for you which can helps you travel to Nam Du island easier.

As we’re based in Rach Gia mainland and it’s only about 100km away from Nam Du island, we have traveled to Nam Du island since nobody heard about the name of the island, since Vietnamese people are not familiar with the name Nam Du. In the pass few years, local people, especially the ones who live there and the ones in the mainland, prefer its as Hon Cu Tron. Back there, only local people and fishermen travel to Nam Du and if you want to get to Nam Du at that time, you have to take a metal boat which took you about 5 hours to get there.

A few years ago, as the internet is growing bigger and bigger everyday and technology has been improved significantly, Vietnamese people improved their living standard, they began to travel, some have a passion for photography, some travel with semi-pro cameras. I believe that at that time, they are still learning to improve their photography skills. Some of them, include me, traveled there took a lot photos of Nam Du island. Back then, there is no facebook or social media, we share out photos, our hard work with other people on some photography forums. At that time, the name Nam Du island had been heard the first time by many photographers and many city vietnamese.

After facebook began to be a giant social network in Vietnam, everybody shared and posted photos on facebook. Nam Du island began to be popular and now many photographers and vietnamese people travel to Nam Du island during weekend. In this article, I hope you will get enough information for your trip to Nam Du.

Let’s begin with when to travel to Nam Du island?

  • You must not travel during weekend, even though there will be extra ferries to the island, because there are many many vietnamese people there and the hotel rooms is always full. You may not be able to find a room to stay.

Where to stay: Thuy Kiep Hotel is the finest hotel in Nam Du island. Don’t stay in any other cheap looking hotels. They are like a box and with no electricity power at night, you will feel like you stay in a direct sun light or being burnt to dealth.

How to get around in Nam Du island?

  • rent a motorbike for 150.000 VND for the first dan and 200.000vnd for a full day if you want but always require them to fuel the motorbike. Don’t pay for fuel.
  • Join a boat tour to get around the island.

Activities to do in Nam Du island:

  • Swimming, fishing, snorkeling and more to do.

You can get more information like contact numbers, etc in our new video here:


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How to get to Nam Du island