Ha Tien
Ha Tien located on the gulf of Thailand, 100km away from Rach Gia City, Kien Giang Province. Founded in 17 century by a chinese adventurer named Mac Cuu. Back then in China, after Thanh Dynasty took over, following the collapse of Minh Dynasty, many people still did not give up their hope on the Minh Dynasty. They fought back and forming some congregations, in hope, to topple the Thanh Dynasty and to restore their beloved Dynasty one, but result in failure.
During that time, many people were force to flee to Vietnam and other countries by boats. I’d like to point out how vietnamese people named things or places at that time. They tended to call things or places based on what they saw and based on stories. For example, because chinese refugees were being seen on boats, they call them “Tau”. Another story, when fishermen went offshore and looked back to the peninsula, it looked like a deer head, so they called them Mui Nai. And so the name of this place, Ha Tien, is no random at all.
To explain the name of Ha Tien, I’d like to take you back to the 17 century again, back then, we had no writting system and had to borrow and modified chinese characters to read and write and It’s call “Chu Nom”. Ha means River, and Tien was based on a fairy tale about the Dong Ho River where angels came to swim during full -moon every month. So Ha Tien means the river full of angels.
Ha Tien shares its borders with Chau Chau Doc and Kam pot. But somehow, it’s overlooked, compared to its neighbors, and has not get as much attention as it deserves, even thought it has many activities to do and beautiful beaches.
you can take a boat trip to get to Gieng Tien cave to see flowstones, or hike to Da Dung mountain where caves intertwine with limestone mountains, and when getting into those caves, visitors can watch stalactites and flowstone in there. Beachgoers can take their time to visit Mui Nai, Bai Dai long beach to relax and having some fresh seafood there. Food lovers can try both vietnamese and cambodian cuisine there. Just stroll into the night market, you can get everything.
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Ha Tien

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