How to obtain permission for your drone to fly in Vietnam

As drones become more and more popular and more affordable nowaday, more people can easily own a drone for their own interest. Some are professional photographers and some just fly as their hobby. And recently, when I posted some drone photos, which I took during my Vietnam photo Tours with my customers to Vietnam Northern highlands, I received some questions from some instagram users asking about flying in Vietnam and How to get permission to fly a drone in Vietnam. I had to personally answer those questions over and over again. and I thought that I should write this article about this issue in order to give a clear answer to those who own  a drone and love to travel to Vietnam.

Recently I happened to read a topic about this issue on DJI offical community and a vietnamese guy on there claimed that It’s very easy to obtain permission to fly in Vietnam. He said that he only wait in a couple of weeks to get it done. If you read closely, you must see the problem here. You have to be in Vietnam and wait for a couple of weeks to obtain permission to fly your drone? How long is your trip in Vietnam? Plus, when you send your application to obtain permission, you have to send the specific locations that you want fly with a precise schedule to fly at some spots. And furthermore, you have to obtain permission at the ministry of defense in Ha Noi. Do you think how long you are going to wait to get that permission?

What the guy said on DJI forums is what he is able do to with only some specific spots and do not forget that he is Vietnamese.

So when It comes to foreigners obtaining flying permission for their drones is another matter. You will have two choices.

illegally fly in Vietnam at your own risk or perpeptually wait for a permission to fly your drone.

I think the last part is easier to do than the first part.

Hope this article helps.

Happy flying.

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