Somtimes you want to get rid of tourist destinations and looking for a less tourist place to enjoy your time and see feature 2things as the ways they are, and engaging with the local people, but not seeing them busy selling their product like some tourist destionations. So In this article, we will find out where are less tourist destinations in Mekong Delta.

1/ Tra Vinh City :

My favorite destination in Mekong Delta is Tra Vinh city. It’s quite quiet and less tourist than Can Tho city where you see many tourists on the floating market. It’s a place where you can see various kind of ethnics live together in the region. You can see some unique architecture pagodas built by cambodian like: Hang pagoda (dont be confuse with hang pagoda in Ha Tien which is a real cave), Ang pagoda, stork pagoda…

It’s also a good place for wedding photography or landscape photographers to explore. If you looking for some fishing villages, Duyen Hai district is the place for you. You can see Ba Dong beach and see some fish catching activities in the beach.

Plus It’s also a good place for budget travelers, you can find some cheap hotels there which costs less than other provinces like Can Tho City.

2/ Bac Lieu :

It’s not a new place, but not everybody knows about this place, and not many travelers take time to visit Bac Lieu due to its long distances from Sai Gon.

What you can see in Bac Lieu: some fishing villages, some pagodas, and bird sanctuary. And most interesting is take your time to see Nga Nam floating market. In my opinion, It’s much better than the floating markets in Can Tho. It’s more crowed boats and no tourists at all. So if you want to see the real floating market in Vietnam, I suggest seeing Nga Nam floating market.

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3/ Rach Gia City:

Located 200km away from Sai Gon. tourist is really undeveloped at the moment. You may heard about Phu Quoc island and It’s part of Rach Gia city. But we don’t talk about Phu Quoc island in this article as we are covering less tourist destionations. So you can take your time to explore some hidden beauty districts. If you are anventurous, you must see U Minh Thuong Nationa Park. You can also see some shrimp and crab farming villages. A boat trip is a good idea.

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Less tourist destionations in Mekong Delta
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