Mekong Photo Tours – Exploring Can Tho City

Mekong Photo Tours – Exploring Can Tho City

Can Tho City is the biggest city in the Mekong Delta and also known as the capital city of the Mekong Delta. There are many location for regular tourists to visit. But in this article, we mainly focus on our photography purpose and photogenic locations that photographers should taken their time to visit when visiting Can Tho City.

Can Tho is well-known for its biggest floating market, Cai Rang floating market, and Phong Dien floating market: a smaller floating market but more traditional. One thing that visitors should keep in mind is that the city is full of tourists. If you like to visit somewhere new and less tourists, then Can Tho is not where you are looking for.

One more thing that most visitors don’t realize is that the floating market operate very early in the morning, especially Phong Dien floating market. If you wish to see the beauty of the floating market, you must be ready at 5AM. The tourist boats usually go slow and it may take about 40-50 minutes to get from Ninh Kieu Port to Cai Rang Floating market.

The ideal itinerary for photographers who want to get everything out of their Mekong Photo Tours would be ready at 4AM and head straight forward to Phong Dien, take your time there and explore the market and take some sunrise photos there. After that, head back to Cai Rang floating market.


Another location that you may want to see is its tropical fruit gardens, but in our opinion, there are not many shooting oppoturnity there but it’s more interesting for regular tourists. Each visitor will pay about 1.5$ for entrance fee to visit this fruit garden. They give the visitors free fruit samples and serve lunch there also. The food, mostly, is mekong traditional culinary. Visitors can try special grilled fish, chicken salad and more.

The garden could be a great place for wedding photography. If you are looking for somewhere new for your wedding photos in the Mekong Delta. This could be your ideal location.

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