Mekong Photo Tours – Rach Gia Flower Village

Rach Gia Flower Village – On of Mekong Attractions during lunar new year 

As a travel photographer who lives in the Mekong Delta and as a photographic tour leader, I usually travel from province to province and across the country to scout for more photogenic destinations for my customers. And as tradtion, every year before lunar new year, I usually lead Mekong Photo Tours to explore Sa Dec Flower village where local people mainly make a living by farming various kind of tropical flowers and It’s an amazing destination in the mekong delta.

Recently, when I began to dedicate my time to explore Rach Gia City find more Rach Gia Attractions, I discovered that there is a small, but beautiful, flower village in Rach Gia City. And It must be one of the most beautiful destinations in Rach Gia City before lunar new year. It’s very photogenic because farmers here farm many kind of flowers that makes the whole village more colorful and very interested to shoot.

The whole fields are flooed with water in order to make transportation and watering the flowers easier. Most of the village are not crossable by cars and the fastest way to transport the flowers would be using boats.

It takes 7 months for local farmers to plant the flowers to coincide with lunar new year time. Flowers will be collected and sell to resellers. After that, the resellers will sell it again to flower sellers at local markets around Rach Gia City.

They are most busy before end year full moon. All the flowers are schedule to be sold before the full month of the last month of the year.

There are many activities to shoot. If you love flowers, this village is a perfect place for you. Local farmers will be busy watering and collecting flowers at the same time. It’s my favorite destinations in Rach Gia City. If you are looking for Mekong Top destinations to visit as a photographer, take your time to visit Rach Gia Flower Village.

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