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It’s been a long time since my first article about Nam Du island. Some information is already outdated, so today, I’m writting this article to help travelers who live to visit Nam Du island have more information about Nam Du. Nam Du island is now one of the most popular islands in Mekong Delta along with Phu Quoc island. It draws more Vietnamese people to its beautiful island. It’s much easier to travel by your own now because Nam Du island is now has guest houses, boat tours, and more.

Even though it’s a new destination for vietnamese people who try to get away from busy life from big cities. It’s still quite difficult for foreigners who live to visit Nam Du island. Even Nam Du island is developing day after day but there are still very few guest houses qualified for you to stay during your trip, some will lost power during midnight which cause you trouble sleeping because it’s too hot. Some guest houses are dirty and overprice. You may want to bargain to get a pricable price for renting a motorbike. If not, you are likely to be overcharged. If you want to rent a boat to travel by your own, you need to know the right contact and the right price, if not you will be overcharged for 30-40 US dollars.

I have just been there 2 days ago and gather enough information to write a travel guide name: Nam Du Travel Guide to help foreigners who like to explore Nam Du island. It has all contact information for you like:

  • How to get to Nam Du island (it has ferry ticket resellers number so you can book the tickets in advance).
  • How to travel around Nam du island (all the information and itinerary, information).
  • How much for renting a motorbike in Nam Du island.
  • Where to sleep. There are only few good guest houses there, you need to book in advance.
  • where to eat
  • boat trip around Nam Du island.

Why should you purchase this article?

  • It has all information you need to know about the island including photos
  • you will save lots of money during your trip by avoiding overpriced services there which may cost you 30-40$ each.
  • unlimited support by phone and email by me. When you travel to the island and have problem dealing with local people, you can call me and I will help you communicate with those local people. I will also help you to book everything in advance like: Ferry tickets, rooms, and boat…
  • You only pay for  $ for this article, and you will save more than hundred bucks

How to buy this article:

  • We accept paypal only.
  • after receive your payment, we will automatically send this article to your email so you can read it right away.


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