It’s a new photographic destination for photographer who interested in exploring Vietnam. It’s NamKa Lake which located in DakLak province – about 20km away from Daklak center.

It’s well know by vietnamese photographers recently by its misty mornings but not every morning or every season. If you want to see it, you have to visit it at the right season and at the right time. It’s best to join vietnam photo tour to explore it or to archive whatever your goal when traveling to vietnam. there is a brand new bridge there overlooking are floating houses which built by fishermen and their families live and work there. This is a new and very interesting destination for photographers in Vietnam and those who love to take photos of floating life or live along the lake.

We were with our customers who are professional from Singapore and it were a beautiful morning there:


Vietnam photo tour

Vietnam photo tour

Not far from there, there is a village of H’mong people who live and remain their culture – wearing traditonal dress just like the original one in Northern Vietnam.


Vietnam photo tour

So NamKa Lake is not only a great destination for street life photographers and landscape photographers. It’s also a great location for wedding photography in Vietnam. If you are planning to have your wedding photograps taken in Vietnam, contact us, we can help you a lot. Or you can join our wedding photography tour package which save you a lot money.

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NamKa Lake – New Destinations for photographers