If you are a photographer and interested in traveling to Vietnam, Tinh Bien Bamboo bridge should be on your list. it’s a beautiful bridge located in Quang Ngai City – Central Vietnam. It’s only about 10km away from Quang Ngai City. In the morning, local people going to work, school students going to school scrossing the bridge. It’s very interesting activity to shoot.


Vietnam Photo tours

How to get there:

  • If you are in Quang Ngai City, just take a cab or motorbike and drive about 15-20 minutes, it’s located on the right side of your hand.
  • It’s about 10 minutes from My Khe Beach – Quang Ngai.

Activities to shoot:

  • local people going to work.
  • school students
  • fishermen fishing at the river in the early morning.

best time to visit:

  • It looks good both early morning and afternoon.
  • in the morning you can shoot some fishermen working there.
  • If you can arrange models, you can shoot at both time.

So we will also add this destination to our Vietnam photo tour list for our customers who join us to explore central Vietnam.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thanks and best regards.


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