Nhon Ly fishing village – Beautiful destinations for photographers

Nhon Ly fishing village located about 30km away from Quy Nhon City – Central Vietnam. It takes about 40-50 minutes to get there by bus or private car. We traveled there with our clients, photographers from China and Singapore, to visit Nhon Ly fishing village. The road to Nhon Ly is quite broad and you will see some beautiful sand dunes barred by stone wall along the road. Quy Nhon City is quite quiet and overlooked by tourists at the moment, but it has beautiful destinations for local photographers and photographers from other countries to explore. Nhon Ly fishing village is one of the most beautiful destinations fro photographers in Quy Nhon City – Central Vietnam.

We traveled with our clients for 14 day – Vietnam photo tour. We started in Sai Gon at Tan Son Nhat National Airport and travel up to Vietnam central highlands then head to central Vietnam the next day. As our fellow photographers required to shoot salt production fields, we headed to Hon Khoi and shoot there for one day, then we visited Phu Yen which is Quy Nhon neighbor.

There are many beautiful activities to shoot in Phu Yen City. If you like to shoot local people working with fishing net, you may visit Xuan Hai fishing village and Nhon Ly fishing village. If you prefer Vietnam Landscape, then visit Bai Da Trung which located right in the city. You can also take a cab to visit Ham Tu fishing port to see local people steam fish in the early morning – It’s a very interesting activity to shoot.

If you are going to Nhon Ly fishing village, you can take your time to visit Eo Gio Bay. It’s a beautiful destination there – great for landscape photography. From Eo Gio Bay, you can walk down to the fishing village nearby where you can see many fishing boats dock around the bay, and it’s also beautiful during sunset.

How to get there:

  • Take a cab to get there or Xe Om which is cheaper, but if you travel with groups, take a cab is much better.


  • There are some restaurants around Eo Gio
  • you can drink delicous coconut milk there and enjoy fresh seafood.

What to shoot:

  • Eo Gio Bay
  • Fishing village nearby
  • Rent a boat to get around if you prefer snorkeling or other water activities.

If you are a photographer, join our Vietnam photo tours to explore those destinations.



Nhon Ly fishing village – Beautiful destinations for photographers

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