Phu Quoc island is more expensive than other spots around the Mekong Delta. But Exploring Mekong Travel agent provides some helpful information so that you can travel and save some buck whether you are on budget travel or not.

if you are a budget traveler, Let’s forget about beachfront hotels. You don’t wanna stay in a beachfront hotel or guest house because It’s expensive. Even a beachfront guest house in Duong Dong costs you 400.000VNĐ (20$) a night. Moreover, stay away from Duong Dong center as far as possible. It helps you save some more bucks. You can find a hotel, but not beachfront hotel, with only around 200.000$ a day.

If you are coming from Cambodia, You should cross Campot border and take a ferry from Ha Tien to save about 100.000VND (5$) for your trip. It’s also a faster way to get to Phu Quoc compare to Rach Gia. If you start in Ho Chi Minh City, you should take a direct bus to get to Rach Gia. It’s only 140.000VND (7$) and then take the ferry in Rach Gia to get to Phu Quoc island. If you are coming in special season, you may want to book your tickets in advance.

Let’s forget about fancy cars and restaurants. You can rent a motorbike about 120.000VND/a day to explore the island. If you are willing to negotiate, it can down to 100.000VNĐ. But before doing so, get a map or ask us, we can tell you where to start in the first day. You can visit Sao Beach but never try to eat there because It too expensive. You can go a little bit futher to visit Kem Beach which is located just 500m away from Sao Beach where local people gather everyday to eat seafood. And It’s cheap there.

If you are around Rach Gia City, Just drop us a message or contact us. It costs nothing and we’ll give you everything you need for your trip to Phu Quoc island. We’re here not only do our business but to make friends around the world. So Do not hesitate to meet up for a drink.

Phu Quoc island: Budget travel
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