We travel there too often both alone and with our customers, but there are always new lessons to learn everyday. If you have never been to Phu Quoc island before and want to visit the island someday and if you are going to join a travel agent to explore the island, it’s good. If you just want to rent a car and travel alone with your family or soul mate so you will have more private time, then you should beware of car rental service there.

When you get to the island, by both ferry and plane, you will see some local people greeting and giving you their business cards. Usually they will offer cheaper service than in your hotel – If you’re stay in a good hotel , they also provide car rental service but usually 10$ higher than car rental service outside of your hotel. You should never compare the price and go for the cheaper ones because the cheaper one won’t drive you where you want to see but where they want you to go and usually you will end up in a souvenir store where they will get comission from the shop owner.

One more thing you should do is to plan and check where you want to go, destinations with new information to you can keep up to date and won’t be fooled by those local drivers.

The night market sale very pricey seafood with very little portion or small dish. If you want to get more with cheaper price, go for restaurant outside of the night market.



Phu Quoc Travel tips – Beware of car rental service
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