Some travelers like to visit fruit gardens in Mekong Delta, especially tropical fruit gardens. In This article, we will introduce to you, some visitors out there, some beautiful pineapple garden in Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

This pineapple garden used to be hidden from local tourists long time before, just a few people heard about these pineapple gardens before because the road conditions were not good to travel to and we used to take ferry to get from one side to the other side which takes about minimum 30 minutes to get there so the pineapple gardens were untouched by outside world.

It’s Tac Cau Pineapple Garden which is located in Kien Giang Province – Mekong Delta – Vietnam. It’s about 15km away from Rach Gia Center.

Just two years ago when new roads and bridges were built – which can connect one side of the river to the other – we stopped using the ferry. It’s a faster way to travel. A little more information, which this new road, it can lead us to U Minh Thuong National Park. When travel with this new road, all the pineapple gardens exposed into local eyes. In my opnion, it’s the largest pineapple in Mekong Delta – Vietnam. It’s like more than 1km long pineapple gardens. Since then, farmers there install some new stalls along the road to sell pineapples for visitors with a very priceable price – Must cheapper than you buy pineapple in the markets because you buy them directly from local farmers there.

The pineapple fruits here are sweeter than other regions and were farmed without harmful chemicals. They are cheap and taste good. Many visitors who are from far away usually buy a lot of them if they travel with a private car. Some people travel by motorbikes will buy some, but at least 2 to 5 pieces. We list this pineapple garden as one of the most beautiful pineapple gardens in Mekong Delta and it’s also a beautiful destination for photogaphers to explore.

Not far from there is a bridge, standing on the bridge travelers can see the longest river in this region which have direct access into the sea and the mekong delta. If you love photography, this place is a good destinations for photography lovers. You can take some close- up photography, local people working with fishing boat, women mending fishing net, men construting fishing boats and many activities to shoot in this region. Must check with local photographers before going there.

There are no tours to visit the gardens yet, but you can contact local people here so they can guide you there. If you are photographers, join our Mekong Photo Tours to explore this place as well as the entire province where there are many beautiful activities to shoot.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Pineapple gardens in Mekong Delta