Before traveling to Vietnam, you may have so many questions, such as: what should I pack, where to see in vietnam, where to sleep… and so on. Some people don’t even have any idea what they are going to see. So with this article, hope you will have a better trip before going to Vietnam.

1/ Research where you want to go:

It’s always good to do a research about where you are going to visit. You can get a vietnam travel guide book or you can do it easily with the internet. use some words like “Vietnam attractions” to find out where are the best places to go. After having some places you like, dig a little big deeper with that name. for instance, I saw Phu Quoc island in the list, then I will try to do another one with ” Phu Quoc attractions” or “what to see in Phu Quoc“. Now you got the idea.


2/ Use google maps : Google maps makes your trip easier than ever before. after doing some research. go to visit google maps to have a look at what you are going to see.

Check how to use and plan your trip by google maps on youtube :

3/ Book everything in advance:

Booking everything in advance save you a lot of time when you get there. You will save time finding a hotel to sleep or some ferry ticket. If you are going to vietnam on holiday seasons, you will see how booking in advance helps you – It not only saves your time, but also saves you some bucks. On holiday seasons, some places like Da Lat or Nha Trang, some hotels will rise their price even double the price before holiday seasons. If you are planning on visiting Phu Quoc island during holiday seasons, you better book your tickets as well as your hotel rooms in advance.

4/ Learn a little about the place you are going to visit:

It’s always good to know what you can do and what you can’t do before going to another country. Also try to find out about the weather in the country. If you are carrying with you some electronic products with you like camera or laptop, ipad… you should know how to protect it.

You can read it at :

5/ Keep some medicines in your bags:

They will help you in some cases. As you are going to visit some rural or remote areas in Vietnam. It helps you save a lot of time to find a pharmacy store. This it the list of some useful medicines you should know:

Paracetamol Tablets or Mixture: – this can be used for pain and fevers. It is particularly effective in viral illnesses such as colds and flu.

Aspirin: – can be used by adults and children over 16 years of age. (It should be avoided in people with asthma and those with a history of indigestion or ulcers.) It can be used as an alternative to paracetamol for pain and fever control. Some people find that gargling with two aspirin dissolved in a small amount of water is particularly good for sore throats.

lbuprofen Tablets or Suspension: – for adults and children over one year of age. (It should be avoided in people with asthma and those with a history of indigestion or ulcers.) It can be used as an alternative to paracetamol for pain and fever control.

Calamine Lotion: – for dabbing (not rubbing) on insect bites, stings, sunburn and chickenpox.

Plasters, Simple Dry Dressings, Cotton Wool: – can be used for cleaning and dressing minor cuts and grazes.

Thermometer: – this is useful for checking fevers and monitoring effectiveness of fever-relieving treatments.

Antihistamines: – for any allergic reaction including hayfever, itching and swelling associated with insect bites and stings etc.

Tweezers: – for removing splinters.
Your pharmacist can give useful advice about these and other medicines you may be taking.

6/ sunscreen and insect repellent:

There are many white beautiful beaches in Vietnam, you are going to enjoy swimming, sunbathing and some other water activities like snorkeling or cuba diving. You skin will expose to hard sunlight for a long time, but you don’t want to cover your skin by wearing clothes from head to toes. So it’s better to have some sunscreen to protect your skin.

Some last words, enjoy your trip and travel safe. If you are looking for a travel agent in Mekong Delta, contact us.

How to plan your trip before traveling to Vietnam
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