Rach Gia Bike Tour – Mekong Bike Tour 

We’d like to quote from our Rach Gia Day Trip tour’s introduction : 

Rach Gia is a City of diverse beauty in the Mekong Delta. But it has been overlooked for so many years and less known to tourists than its neighbors like : Can Tho City or Vinh Long. Most visitors come here just to wait boarding the next ferry to Phu Quoc island which is a hot destination in Rach Gia City.

If you are a biker or love bicycling, Rach Gia Bike Tour is designed for you. We believe Travel with a bike is fun, healthy, and environmentally friendly. We can access to any spots that are not accessible by car. Our Rach Gia Bike Tour is similar to Rach Gia Day Tour, the only difference is that we will travel by bike. There are serveral bike tours below, you can check and see what fits you best. Or you can conbine some that you like together (Tailored – tour) 

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Rach Gia Bike Tour 1 (1 day): 

  •  Exploring Rach Gia fish drying site to see how local people make a living in this coastal city.  
  • Rach Gia Bird Garden: we will get off the big road and follow a very small tree-line road along a small river that leads to Rach Gia bird garden. Local people farm Jack fruit trees and babana trees along the road.
  • Visit Rach Gia Pineapple gardens and eat the most delicious pineapple in the Mekong Delta. Our tour guide will lead you through a small coconut tree-lined road along a small river that flows into sea gate. On the way, you will have a chance to visit fishing boat construction site, local women doing their traditional job: mending fishing net.  If you travel with kids, they can learn how local farmers farm those pineapple from start to harvest. You will also have a chance to learn how to peel a pineapple like a local.

Price: 20$/ pax  Special Price 10$/Pax/day (offer available from April 15 to May 15)

Including: Morning coffe, 1 bottle of water per pax, pineapple fruit,  and breakfast. 

Rach Gia Bike Tour 2 (1 day):

  • Visiting Rach Gia Clay village where local people making clay stoves. We will travel through a small road along the river, tree-lined and verdant road. 
  • You can have a chance to learn how to make clay stove and other stuff. 

Price: 20$/ pax Special Price 10$/pax/day offer available from April 15 to May 15)

Including: morning coffe, 1 bottle of water per pax, pineapple fruit, and breakfast. 

How to book Rach Gia Bike Tour:

  • Contact us and send us your inquiry including your travel date. 
  • Choose the route you like and we will check and respond within 24 hours. 
  • If you are already in the Mekong Delta, please contact us, at least, a day before your arrival. 
  • Hassle free. 

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