Rach Gia City Tour

Rach Gia City Tour – Exploring Rach Gia most beautiful spots. 


Rach Gia City is the most beautiful coastal city in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam. It has beautiful beaches and the largest island, Phu Quoc island, in Vietnam. More and more visitors come to this city each year. Besides that, the city has many attractions and beautiful destinations that visitors may not have heard about before for example: Rach Gia Pineapple garden, Bamboo basket craft village, clay stove making village, Bird sanctuary, and U Minh Thuong National Park.

Travel is enjoyable and sometimes educational especially traveling with kids to those craft villages. Visitors and their kids can try to make one and interact with local villagers. That is a great way to learn new things.


Join Rach Gia City Tours to explore those places and watch sunset – Rach Gia City is one of the best place to watch sunset in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam. In bamboo basket making village, visitors can watch and learn how local villagers make bamboo baskets.

If you love birds, visit Rach Gia Bird Sanctuary (commonly known as bird garden in Rach Gia City). It’s a great destinations. And if you want to visit some fruit gardens in the Mekong Delta, join Rach Gia City Tours to visit Rach Gia Pineapple gardens.


It costs $45/pax/day.

Including: Breakfast, Tour service, and Lunch.

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