Rach Gia Day Tour or (Rach Gia City Tour)

Rach Gia is a City of diverse beauty in the Mekong Delta. But it has been overlooked for so many years and less known to tourists than its neighbors like : Can Tho City or Vinh Long. Most visitors come here just to wait boarding the next ferry to Phu Quoc island which is a hot destination in Rach Gia City. After spending years exploring Rach Gia City, and as a travel agent based in this City, We have designed Rach Gia day tours that will be prefect for those who like to explore new destinations in the Mekong Delta, getting away from urban chaos. 

Travel is not only fun and pleasureable, but sometimes educational especially when you travel with kids. Our Rach Gia Day Tours are designed for that purpose, helping children learn about ecosystem and gardening during your trip with us. Here are some Rach Gia Day Tours that you may interested in :

Rach Gia Day Tour 1 :  

  •  Exploring Rach Gia fish drying site to see how local people make a living in this coastal city.  
  • Rach Gia Bird Garden: we will get off the big road and follow a very small tree-line road along a small river that leads to Rach Gia bird garden. Local people farm Jack fruit trees and babana trees along the road.
  • Visit Rach Gia Pineapple gardens and eat the most delicious pineapple in the Mekong Delta. If you travel with kids, they can learn how local farmers farm those pineapple from start to harvest. You will also have a chance to learn how to peel a pineapple like a local. 
  • Visit Rach Gia fishing boat construction site and to see local women mending fishing net along the way. 
  • Visit Clay village, a tradtional craft village, to see local people making clay stoves. If you are traveling with your children, let them play around and learn how to make a clay stove. 


It costs 30$/pax; we will travel by motorbike so we can access on those destinations. If you are joining us as a group or family more than 3, we will provide a private car for your Rach Gia Day Trip. It costs 35$ per pax for a group of 4. 

It’s including: 

  • less than 4 or 3 people: motorbikes, tour guide, entrance fee, morning coffe and breakfast, pineapple fruit. 
  • More than 3 or 4: Private car, driver, tour guide, entrance fee, morning coffe and breakfast, pineapple fruit. 

Excluding: Lunch. 

Please check this gallery to see more photos about our Rach Gia Day Tour

Rach Gia Day Tour 2:

(Rach Gia half day tour) or you may call it: Rach Gia introduction Tour:   This tour is specially designed for

people who stay in Rach Gia and board the next morning ferry to Phu Quoc island. There are some nice destinations around Rach Gia City that We want to show you. So you can enjoy every minutes of your trip in Rach Gia, and the idea is help you not to be bored staying in your hotel or walk around some Karake Parlors. There are some historic building and temples that you may interested in visiting. 

  • We will visit historic temple where local people worship our war hero who fought against French cololist during the 18 century. 
  • An ancient vietnamese temple, Lotus pond. 
  • sunset coffe (only available for those who join half day after 12AM in the morning) at the coast. visitors can watch sun sets and contemplate local life here. 


It costs only 10$ for this Rach Gia half-day trip, including sunset coffe.

Not inlcuding: Meals or hotel room.

We will travel by motorbike as it’s the most effective vehicle to get around the city. 


If you are a bike or love byclying and looking for Rach Gia Bike Tour (Mekong Bike Tour), please check us out at 

Rach Gia Bike Tour 


How to Book? 

  • Please book or contact us in advance, so we will have time to arrange tour guide and motoribke or Bike. Please contact us at least 1 day before your arrival. 
  • Email or call us to book your Rach Gia Day Trip. After that, we will pick you up at your hotel in Rach Gia City and your tour start here. 
  • If you have not booked your hotel in Rach Gia City, we will help you to book one.
  • Hassle – free touring with us. 

If you are looking for Rach Gia Day Trips, Look no further, Join us today to explore Rach Gia City. 

If you are interested in Photography and want to take photography courses, or you are an experienced photographer and want to explore Rach Gia PhotoGenic Destinations, Join our Rach Gia Photo Tour here :

Rach Gia Photo Tour

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