Rach Gia Tours: Rach Gia Monastery system

Rach Gia Tours: Rach Gia Monastery system

Rach Gia City is a coastal City and it’s the third biggest city in the mekong delta. Rach Gia also has one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam and the largest island, Phu Quoc island, well- known to tourists for long. There are 3 main ethnic groups in this City : The viet people, The chinese, and the cambodian. Most Chinese people who live in the Rach Gia City came here in the Thanh Dynasty and a lot more when the culture revolution occured in China.

The chinese people mostly live in and around the markets, the combodian gather and live on the outskirts of the city farming. If visitors come to Rach Gia, they can easily spot some chinese temples and cambodian temple along the city. Many cambodian still maintain their culture and young boy will be sent to a temple and stay there for 2 years. In the temple, the young novices will be teaching both Vietnamese and cambodian. Some ancient cambodian temples had been built since 1884 and still occupy nowadays. These temples have unique architecture and remain its original form.

The young monks will be going go get alms every morning around 9AM daily and back to the temple. Some temples have strict eating habit such as only having 2 meals a day : including breakfast and lunch only.

There are some monastery in Rach Gia also act as an orphanage. The abbot, head of the monastery, adopts cambodian orphans and raise them in the temple.

These monasteries are a great destination in Rach Gia for visitors who love photography and explore new places. If you love to do charity, you could consider to visit these places.

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