Rach Gia Street Food Tour

Rach Gia Street Food Tour 

Rach Gia City is a coastal City in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam. It’s the most beautiful coastal city in The Mekong Delta and it’s a culture cross -road due to its diversity of ethnicity. That has a great impact on its food and especially street food. Rach Gia City is also a great place to try fresh and succulent seafood.


If you are a foodie and travel to Rach Gia City, Join my Rach Gia Street Food Tours to enjoy local speciality.

Price: With only $40/person/ day you will have a chance to taste many delicious street food like : Bánh Mi (Vietnamese paguette stuffed with pork, cold cut, and pickle), papaya salad dressed with shrimp and pork, Phở, special rice vermicelli noodle cooked with shrimp and fish, Sea snail, clam, and what else? We will also visit Rach Gia Pineapple garden and you can try some sweet pineapple fruit there, and Nina Palm is one of the speciality in Rach Gia City.

It will be a special treat for you if you join my Rach Gia Street food Tours.


If you have any questions, please let me know.