Review : lowepro slingshot edge 250 aw – The most honest review

I used to have a sony nex 5, a mirrorless camera, that did not require much space during my Vietnam photo tours with my customers. But over time, It’s not good enough for my work, so I decided to get a new system – A nikon D5500 with the lens kit 18-55 and 70-300VR. The small bag that used to carry my camera did not fit enough the new system. So I did some research and very interested in the lowepro slingshot edge 250 aw. I liked its’ look and how it funcion and most of all It was on sale for only 60$ on Amazon. I gave it a try.

I did not want to write a review about this camera bag, or at least, before being in actual use. So I used it for day trip in Rach Gia City and get around here. I usually carry it for only about 5 minutes maxium, so my first impression is that it looks great, comfortable, and functional. Not until I was on a long Vietnam photo Tour with my customers to Vietnam Northern Highlands , which I spent 18 days there.

Here was my setup.

My camera : D5500, Nikkor 18-55, Nikkor  AF-P 70-300 VR.

I also carried my drone with me, mavic pro and its battery and battery charger. The mavic pro was not put together with the slingshot edge 250 AW. I had it in its own bag.

Here is what it looked like.


I put the camera and the lenses in the main compartment. There are some more spaces in the camera compartment that I put the mavic pro batteries. The upper compartment was used for cable charger, phone charger, mavic pro charger, card reader, and sunglasses.

After only 5 days, my shoulders hurted, a few more days my right hand became numb and my shoulders was hurted a lot. After 10 days, I had to carry it with the head trap otherwise my shoulders could not bear the pain anymore. Even though I was using a van as our transportation and everytime I was in the van, I put it on the floor.

After that I have some more Mekong Photo Tours with other customers and still used this bag. During those trips, I put them all together, My mavic pro and my camera. The mavic pro I put in the main compartment and the camera and it lenses were on the upper compartment.  And after more than 6 months using this bag, here is what I can say about it.


  • beautiful design
  • great durability – I put a lot of equipments in there but the zippers and the trap work perfertly.
  • Funtional as it supposed to be


  • It hurts a lot if you are on a long day photo trip.
  • No laptop compartment.
  • the sling trap is fixed, you can not use it on the other shoulder

What I think about the bag is that I will never use a sling shot bag again since it hurts a lot.

After the trip, I wanted a camera bag that big enough for both my camera and the Mavic pro plus its battery and charger, and a 15 inches laptop compartment would be perfect. I came through so many camera backpack and I found that the Protactic 450 AW is a perfect one.

If you have the same equipment, you may have some ideas what to do.

Hope this help.