Son island – A new destination in Mekong Delta. 

Son island may knew to a lot people at the moment, but soon, it will be well-known and many local tourists will visit Son island just like Nam Du island before.

Where is Son island?

Son island located about 2 hours from Rach Gia mainland and only 30 minutes from Nam Du island. If you plan to visit Nam Du island, you should stop by Son island for a day or two.

How to get to Son island?

  • You have to be in Rach Gia City and buy ferry tickets to get to Son Island. There are no flights to Son island at this time.
  • There are two ferries leaves to Son island every day (during week days). One extra ferry for weekend. For your comfort, you should join Superdoong which is big and comfortable to sit.
  • If you are in Nam Du island, just buy tickets to get to Son island. It only takes 30 minutes.

Where to stay in Son island?

  • Last time, when I was in Son Island, I counted that there were 3 guest houses. first one is located right at the port. second is Beach House (Mrs Nguyet and her husband own this), The other one is in town.
  • I suggest visitors to stay at Beach House because It’s clean and the owner can cook for you to eat. They also have some motorbikes for rent.
  • If you are adventurous and want to camp, you should stay at Bai Bang Beach. It’s beautiful there. But the beach has it owner, if you set  a camp fire there, the owner may charge you about 5$

How to get around:

  • Rent a motorbike and get around the island. It’s not big so very easy to get around.
  • Rent a boat to get around Son island or to go fishing at night.
  • Should avoid weekend if possible.

What to eat:

  • Seafoods  – of course
  • Chickens – You must try chickens here. They are special in Son island. the farmers feed those chicken coconut meat. That makes their meat sweeter than from other region.

What to see:

  • Just get around Son island first, don’t forget to to up the mountain to see the whole island. It has amazing view from there.
  • Get a local guide to hike with you to up to some secret mountains. You may encounters some wild animals there.
  • Don’t forget to Visit Bai Bang. It’s one of the most beautiful beach in Son island. Eat something there too.

If you need travel advice or help, please contact us. Even though we don’t provide tours to Nam Du or Son island anymore, we are still here to help visitors.

Son island – A new destination in Mekong Delta