Recently a new cave has just been discovered in Ha Tien district – Kien Giang Province – Mekong Delta – Vietnam. It’s called Son Tra Cave by local photographers and well-known to some local people in this area. I think the name is not formal but we still you that name in this article to help you search this cave information better. So from now on we will call it Son Tra Cave. There is another cave name Son Tra in Da Nang. Please notice that.

Son Tra Cave in Ha Tien is not developed for tourists, and at first, well-known by local photographers in Kien Giang province who always search for new beauties and destinations in our beautiful country. It’s located about 5km away from Ba Hon district and about 3km away from Moso Cave which is already developed for local tourists. Both of them, Moso cave and Son Tra cave, are forming from Limestones. Moso cave has been built lights and bridges to light up the cave and for visitors to cross the cave easier as both of them are filled with water. The water level will change constantly depends on rain and sea level.

Unlike Moso cave, Son Tra cave is still untouched by tourists at the moment. There are no lights or bridges there. It’s really dark and you need to have a torch to go inside and you must have a guide to lead. It’s located hidden from in a rural area in Ba Hon. For your own safety, always have a guide to lead you there because you don’t know the way and water level.

The best time to visit the cave is around 9-12AM in the morning. At that time, light will shine through the cave, it looks amazing during this time.

It’s a great destination to shoot with a model. If you are photographers and on your way to look for new untouched destinations, write this down to your list. As we advice above, for your own safety, don’t go there alone because chances are you will end up falling inside the cave and it’s very dangeous there if nobody knows you are.

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Son Tra Cave – a New destination for photographers