Where to stay in Rach Gia City ? If you are planning to see Phu Quoc island you have two options: Flight or take a bus. We’d like to take this chance to answer some questions that we get asked to offten that: What is the fastest way to get to Phu Quoc. the answer is: take a flight not a bus. Much faster than taking a bus but more expensive. Back to our topic. so if you choose to take a bus, you also have two options: get a ferry that leaves Rach Gia at 8AM or 1PM. So if you choose to stay one night in Rach Gia and wondering where to sleep in Rach Gia. This articles will be helpful for you.


If you want to walk from your hotel to your ferry, you can sleep as close to the ferry station as possible and there are many hotels there. It usually starts from 200.000 VNĐ/night. But at night it makes you feel boring because not many things you can do in this area. When you get to Rach Gia city, just ask your bus driver that you want a free transportation to “Ben Tau Phu Quoc” then they will drive you there. Don’t need to buy for some extra bucks for any other service to get there.

If you want to enjoy some seafood, some coffe or listening to some music or a massage parlour then you must sleep at ” Lan Bien” it’s on 3/2 street. You can ask your bus driver and tell them where you want to go. You will love this place. It’s exciting at night and many activities to do.

Some hotels may be covered around those area and it’s find too as long as they are priceable.

If you are a budget travelers and looking for some where cheap in Rach Gia City, I recommend that you should use our services: “Rach Gia Homestay”  You only spend 5 or 6$ /night for 2 people but you have someone to talk with you and help you plan your trip. It’s a good deal for someone who spends less and see more.

We hope this article will be helpful for your trip.

Where to stay in Rach Gia City
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