Thanh Ha Pottery Village is a nice destinations for tourists who visit Hoi An Ancient Town. It’s located only about 15km away from center of Hoi An own town. The village lays along Thu Bon River and every family there making a living by making pottery.

To get into Thanh Ha Pottery Village, you can take a cab and pay for 25000VND (about 1$ US dollar) for entrance fee. After that, you can freely visit every corner of Thanh Ha Pottery Village. You must visit the oldest artist there who is over 90 years old and still making pottery. When you get to her house, she will get some mud and with the help of her daughter, she will show you how to make pottery. You can try to make pottery yourself here or at any house in Thanh Ha pottery village. At this house, they also have a shop to show and sell their pottery products. If you want to buy some as souvernirs, you can buy some, directly from the oldest lady of the village.

There are many good products can fit your interests. For example, if you love tea, you can buy some pottery products to use for making tea. If you  love drinking coffe, you can buy some coffe mugs. The Pottery products in this village are good and durable for long time use.

From there, go a little further, you will see that the local people speard their pottery products on the ground exposing to sun light to dry those products. You can also take your time to explore around Thanh Ha Village and at the end of the town, you will get a free small pottery which is based on 12 zodiacs.

Thanh Ha Pottery village is also a great place for photographers to explore and take photos. There are many interesting activities to shoot in Thanh Ha Pottery village. You can shoot portrait, street life photography here. You can use any camera to take photos in here. If you are inside those houses, you should have a camera that have ISO powerful enough to catch some actions.

I used a Sony Mirrorless Camera and have no problems shooting around the village. Look at the photo at the top to see how it is.

Best time to visit Thanh Ha Pottery village: – during dry seasons and morning till 11-12AM for best light if you are a photographer.

I think it’s a good destinations for photographers who like Visit Hoi An.


Thanh Ha Pottery Village