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We have traveled with many customers around the Mekong Delta too many times. We also usually get this question: What are top destinations in Mekong Delta for photography? We have tried to answer that to many photographers who like to visit the Mekong Delta. We have also created some articles about some specific provinces in Mekong Delta that are great for photography. In This article, we will make a list of Top Destinations in Mekong Delta for photography. Please check out favorite destinations below.

Mekong Delta’s Top destinations for photography

I / Kien Giang Province:

Kien Giang Province is a very beautiful coastal province. Located about 200km away from Sai Gon. In this province, you can shoot many beautiful and interesting activities that related to fishing like: Constructing fishing boats, mending fishing net, fishing village, shrimp poiling, and many more beautiful destinations in just this single province.

1/ First, we would go for constructing fishing boats. Close to the constructing side, there is a house that local women doing their daily life job, mending fishing net. There is also some pineapple gardens in this area. Take your time to Visit.  You can read full article about this article here:

constructing fishing boats in Mekong Delta


2/ Son Tra Cave is a new cave that has just been discovered by local photographers recently. Son Tra Cave located in Ha Tien – Kien Giang – about 100km away from Rach Gia City. If you want to explore this Cave, please take our advice, join a local photographer because you must have somebody to lead you inside the cave. What great about this cave? During sunny days, the light will go through the Cave make it looks magnificent. If you need more information, please read full article here:


Son Tra Cave – a New destination for photographers


3/ If you love beautiful white sandy beach with crystal clear water for your pleasure time or for underwater photography, you must visit some beautiful islands in Kien Giang Province. They are consider the most beautiful island in Vietnam.

  • Phu Quoc island is the largest island in Vietnam and located right in Kien Giang province. There are many interesting activities to shoot in this island. If you love landscape, seascape, or even underwater photography. This Island has everything you want. There are some beautiful fishing village there so you can enjoy street life photogrphy.
  • Son island and Nam Du island are beautiful just like Phu Quoc island. There are beautiful fishing villages, beautiful beaches. They are great for landscape, seascape photography, and underwater photography.

II/ Chau Doc City:

This is a beautiful City with a diverse culture. There are many ethnic groups live there: Vietnamese people, Cambodian, Chinese, and Cham people. That makes this region very rich in culture and Chau Doc can offer many beautiful activities for you to shoot. If you are photographers and planning to visit Mekong Delta, you must never skip this city. If we have to list every single activity here, it may take hours so our editor will selectively choose  some favorite destinations in Chau Doc.  We also briefly go through some beautiful spots here as well as interesting activities.

  • Cambodian temples : There are some beautiful Cambodian temples in Chau Doc. You must see them. The monks there are friendly and they will go out for food from 9-10AM everymorning. They will walk in line and it’s very interesting activity to shoot in Chau Doc. There is another temple that has beautiful landscape hidden behind the temple. Must ask local photographers to know where it is.
  • Chau Doc flooding seasons: It’s beautiful during this seasons. The weather will be good and there are many beautiful fishing activities on rivers, rice paddies and more.
  • Chau Doc Bull Racing festival : They celebrate every year. It’s beautiful activity to shoot in Chau Doc. Must obtain permission to get a good spot to shoot.

1/ Cham Village:

A Group of muslims people who live in Chau Doc and still remain they culture as well as speak their own language and wear traditional dress. Please read more about this place here:

Cham village – great destination for photographers


2/ Water lily pond :

It’s a beautiful water-lily-pond (1km). Our editor photo that was taken here was featured as Daily Dozen, Photo Of the day, and best of June on National Geographic. Please read full story here:


best place to shoot water lilies



If you are photographers and plan to visit Vietnam, especially the Mekong Delta, and need some help or information, please contact us. We are here to help photographers around the world who like to Visit Vietnam.

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Mekong Delta’s Top destinations for photography

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