There are many beautiful places in mekong delta to see during the year. But some places will be better before vietnamese lunar new year, so what makes them different from other places. We’re gonna find out those places now.

1/ The first one in this list will be Sa Dec city – Dong Thap Province.


Why it’s so different compared to other provinces in Mekong Delta? Because It’s been well-known for years by its flowers and the village of flower located in Sa Dec. It has various kind of flower which will be delivered into the markets around the mekong delta, and every family will buy some to decorate their houses during lunar new year. So if you are going to visit Sa Dec before vietnamese new year, you will see many activities there. It’s also a great place for photography. If you are an enthusiastic photographer and love macro, you shouldn’t miss this place.

2/ Floating markets in Mekong Delta ( include: Cai Rang floating market, Phong Dien floating market in Can Tho and Nga Nam floating market in Soc Trang)

Why it’s so great before vietnamese new year? Because every body gather to sell and buy more than usual. The markets will be more crowded. You’re gonna see boats full of colorful flowers go up and down the rivers. So It would be the best time in year to see the floating markets. The markets will be more colorful and more exiting for both buyers and sellers.

3/ The last one that I wanna talk about is Phu Quoc island.

It’s great for travelers, photographers, and for couples who want to have their photos capture in Phu Quoc island. It’s great because the weather before and during Vietnamese new year will be very nice and warm. You can enjoy swimming, fishing if you are  normal travelers. If you are photographers, beautiful weather will get you beautiful photos.  And this could be the best time of year to visit the island.

Some last words, It doesn’t matter you are enthusiastic photographers or normal travelers. If you are looking for a reliable travel agent in Mekong Delta, you should join us.

top destinations before vietnamese new year
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