When it comes to budget travel, one thing should be considered that : spend less money and enjoy more. So one question is there are places in Mekong Delta for budget travel? My answer is yes. There are many nice places in Mekong Delta for budget travelers. Even Phu Quoc island which will be more expensive, but if you know where to go and how to deal with the people, you can enjoy your trip there way more enjoyable. Mekong Delta is a developing region in Vietnam and most people work in argiculture. So It always costs less than big cities like Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi.

I’d to point out a little bit for your sake, If you are a budget traveler, you are most likely to take public pub to get from one place to another. And to get around those places, the best way is to take a Xe Om – which you will be riding on a motorbike . But before taking any motor ride, you should be aware that you may be overcharged. So be prepare and you should do some research about this transportation. And those are places for budget travelers to explore:

1/ Rach Gia stork Garden – Kien Giang Province : You are not joining a private tour, sitting on your own boat so It costs cheaper. If you are in Rach Gia City, there are two options, you can take a xe om to get and told him that you want to get to Stork Garden. It may costs about 50.000-60.000$ Vietnam Dong (2-3 dollars). You don’t need a ticket to visit the garden. You can stay there as long as you want. They offer you drink, and food if you buy them. You can also take a public bus, but there is no direct bus to the garden. You have to stop at Rach Soi and take another bus to the garden.

2/ U Minh Thuong National Park: located about 60km away Rach Gia City. You can take a public bus to get there or Xe Om which is more expensive. You have to buy some tickets to visit the park and if you want to take a deeper look, take a boat which is about 100.000$ Vietnam Dong or cheaper. You can enjoy fishing there and take your fish with you. You can have lunch there also wich drilled catfish or chicken.

3/ Nga Nam floating market – Soc Trang: You can find that there are many nice and cheap hotels there. It ranges from 150-200.000 VietnamDong. Don’t look for a three stars hotel. getting around the floating market will be more enjoyable if you take a small sampan to explore the floating market. They will costs only 50.000$ for two ways. You can spend more time and ask them to drive you around the market and pay them some more bucks. Eating at Nga Nam floating market is cheap. You will find that a dark coffe or coffe with milk only costs 0,5$ dollar. Not many options for your breakfast there, but it cheap.

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Top places in Mekong Delta for budget travelers
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