If you are planning on visiting and having your photos captured in Vietnam, you may be asking this  question where are the best places for your wedding photos, as well as which studio in Vietnam should you choose.  I hope this article will help you answer your question.


1/ Phu Quoc island is a beautiful location for wedding photography.

You can have your wedding photos captured at some beautiful waterfalls like Suoi Tranh Waterfall and da Ban Waterfall. Besides that, you can visit some beautiful beaches like Sao Beach or Kem Beach. Amazingly that you can have your wedding photos captured before sunrise and sunset in Phu Quoc island. So your wedding photos will be pretty unique.

2/ Chau Doc City:

Chau Doc is also a good place for wedding photography. You want to get rid of some big buildings in your country because too many people have done that before. Now you want to be unique and different. This time you should visit Chau Doc. Tapa hill and Tapa lake will be a great place for your photos. besides that, you may want to take your pictures at some beautiful paddy rice fields or even on a boat.

3/ Tra Vinh City.

If you want to have your wedding photos captured in Tra Vinh City, never miss the Ao Ba Om pond which is a beautiful pond with lotus and surrouned by giant trees. Visiting some pagodas is a good idea. And one of my favorite location for photography is Ba Dong Beach.

4/ Lam Dong Province:

You may not similiar with this province but you should heard about Bao Loc and Da Lat. It’s hightland province, about 300km away from Sai Gon. You will see flowers everywhere. Having your wedding photos captured at a tea hill is a good idea, and it’s pretty beautiful and unique.  all the way up to Da Lat, you may want to visit Langbiang hills, Suoi Vang Lake… They are beautiful for wedding photos also.

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Top wedding photography locations in Viet nam
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