Tra Que Vegetable Village is another famous destination of Hoi An Anceint Town. Tra Que vegetable village famous for 2 things:

First, It has an old culture, as old as Hoi An old town, and it has been growing vegetable for more than 500 years.

Secend, It is famoust for its oldest farmers there. The two oldest farmers have been farming for more than 70 days.

They are actually a married couple who has been the oldest couple living in Tra Que Vegetable Village. The husband is already 92 years old and the wife is 85 years old. Even they are the oldest couple in this village. They are still able to farm vegetables in front of their house just like any other house in Tra Que village.

The people of Hoi An are pround of them for they long lasting relationship. They have been together for more than 70 years. They have lived together through two wars – Vietnam – french and Vietnam – American.

As photographers, we always look for new destinations to shoot. When I got to Hoi An old town, my friend who is also a local photographer there, suggested us to village Tra Que Vegetable village to shoot some farming activities there. We took that advice and visited Tra Que Village.

Tra Que vegetable village located also about 10km away from Hoi An Old Town. It was a beautiful afternoon. Unlike other vegetable villages in Mekong Delta, Tra Que vegetable village farm vegetables in front of their houses. When we got there, many people busy working. Some people were digging their own yards. Some people were busy watering their vegetables and flowers. Our photographers begin to go on their own exploring Tra Que Village with their professional Cameras.

When we got deeper into the village, we saw this couple surrounded by some local tour guide there with their customers. Most of them are foreigners. Some are on motorbike trip. Some are on motorcyle trip from Hoi An.

The couple are so “good-looking” . They sat there talking with each other and sometimes smiling happily at each other. We took some photos of them and talked to them for a few minutes then we headed back to Hoi An Old Town. They are the oldest farmers in Hoi An, and maybe, the oldest and longest relationship in Vietnam.

We listed Tra Que Vegetable Village as one of the most beautiful destinations for photographers who love to explore Vietnam. If you are photographers and looking for new destinations in Vietnam, Tra Que village must be on your list too. Don’t forget to visit this couple and take some photo of them.

If you plan to Vietnam and have any questions, Please let me know. We would like to help.


Tra Que Vegetable village – Hoi An